Face Hand & Body Wash Description

Because our skin absorbs 80% of what it comes in contact with, using a body wash full of soil-based probiotics will coat your skin with beneficial bacteria to keep out unwanted invaders and toxins throughout the day. 

What you use to clean your skin can strip your skin of all natural oils, causing flaking and dryness. Ultimately, it can disrupt the natural microbiome on your skin - especially if it is not pH neutral. P2 body wash, like ALL P2 products, is pH neutral and rinses cleanly, leaving no residue to irritate your skin. 


If you have kids who are prone to acne, P2 probiotics clean to the microscopic level where acne forms. Clearasil and Proactive cannot get to the microscopic level.

Our three step protocol has helped numerous acne, eczema and psoriasis sufferers. The first step is to wash in our P2 Probiotic Face, Hand & Body Wash. For more information on our suggested protocol, click here to go to our FAQ page (scroll to the last question). 

Unclean hands are one of the biggest spreader of germs! 

Every sink in the house should have P2 Face, Hand & Body Wash for an all day protective shield that won't dry out your skin

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