Why Probiotics

We have turned our bacterial world into a weapon that is being used against us, and we must correct it before it is too late!

Not Having Enough Good Bacteria Has Consequences

70% of our population has some type of auto-immune disease, and that number is climbing.

99% of  everyone walking this earth has some inflammation in the body at any given time.

Bacterial imbalance is why we have disease and infection!

Antibiotics Create Bacterial Imbalance


When you take an antibiotic, the antibiotic is on a mission to kill bacteria - ALL bacteria, good and bad. When your good bacteria is decimated, you have no protective army in your gut to assist your immune system to fight off germy invaders.


It can take up to six months for your body to replenish and repopulate the good, probiotic bacteria you need to keep you healthy!

Cleaning Products Create Bacterial Imbalance


We clean surfaces almost as often as we wash our bodies and clean our teeth. We even use air fresheners to freshen air or to eliminate odor.


Every product you use most likely has some ingredient that kills the good bacteria you need, causing bacterial imbalance in your environment. This directly affects your gut and your immune system, which are directly affected by this imbalance.


The first point of contact you have with bacterial imbalance is external to your body. If you do not balance your personal environment first, you will NEVER balance your gut bacteria!



Your external personal environment, the one where you live, has an identical immune system to your gut. Just like antibiotics, when you use any product that kills bacteria, even hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, citrus or an essential oil based product, you are still killing off ALL of the good bacteria.


The biggest downsides to bacterial imbalance in our personal environments are:


• Disruption to our Gut Microbiome
• A Negative impact on our Immune System
• Susceptibility to Disease and Infection


For all of these reasons, you need to replenish good bacteria anywhere and everywhere, and P2 Probiotics are here to help!


The Importance of Probiotics in Creating Bacterial Balance


Probiotic means “for health. ”


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.”


Probiotics (good bacteria) provide an army of guards that keep bad bacteria in check.

The balance of good and bad bacteria in any environment is called a microbiome. Microbiomes exist inside (gut) and outside (environment) of us. A balanced microbiome is only achieved when there are enough good bacteria to keep balance.



When probiotic bacteria are in balance in any environment, they perform the following functions: 


• Crowd out harmful bacteria 
• Produce enzymes to inhibit bad bacteria 
• Create an unfavorable environment for bad bacteria


Probiotics play a key role in your immune health. Without enough of them in your gut or your environment, your health is at risk. This is why P2 Probiotcs are so important for people, pets and the planet - especially at this crucial time when we all need a boost to our immune system.




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