Soothing Skin Spray Description

Our skin absorbs 80% of everything in an environment, and this includes exposure to  toxins that can cause skin irritation, inflammation, infection or disease.


Colonizing your skin with P2 probiotics provides a way to help your skin absorb the good bacteria it needs to stay healthy and clean in the most natural way.

Our Kids are exposed to all sorts of germy invaders at school. The masks required today become a garden of contamination. Children play with their masks, eat with their masks partially on, drop them on the ground and touch them with dirty hands. Sending your child to school with our probiotic spray is a great way to keep a mask clean, and it also provides optimal protection while at school.



Adults encounter much of the same thing with masks at work or when traveling. Carrying a travel size skin spray in a briefcase or purse is a great way for you to spray your mask to keep it clean and breathe in good probiotics. You can even spray your cell phone to keep it clean.


Use this spray on cuts, burns, rashes, blisters and bug bites for relief and assistance in healing. 



P2 Skin Spray can be used as a deodorant. It can also be safely used on private parts that are prone to yeast and urinary tract infections, jock itch and on toe fungus, ringworm and athlete's foot. 


Want a great way to stay fresh all day? Spray some P2 Skin Spray on your underwear - it's pH neutral and good for you!



For athletes, like wrestlers and MMA fighters, who are prone to cuts, you need to coat your skin with probiotics to help stop bad bacteria from infecting you.


P2 Probiotic Skin Spray is SAFE enough for Babies who are prone to diaper rash or baby eczema!

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