Mouthwash Toothbrush & Retainer Rinse Description

Your mouth is the gateway to your brain and your gut health.


Therefore, it is imperative that you take care of your dental health in the absolute best way possible.


Gum disease, halitosis, periodontal disease, dental caries and decaying teeth, an impending root canal or an inflamed tooth or gum are a result of bacterial imbalance in your mouth. Repopulating your mouth with good bacteria will help to eliminate plaque and will actually help your  gut and brain health, too.


P2 Probiotic Mouthwash Rinse removes microscopic plaque (biofilm) from hard to reach places. You will notice how clean your teeth feel and how fresh your breath is. There is no mouthwash taste afterwards because there is no alcohol and no chemical flavorings. P2 Mouthwash Rinse simply has a light, pleasant taste of organic spearmint.

P2 Mouthwash has many uses…

• Soak Retainers, Braces, Mouthguards, Contact Lenses and Dentures
• Use in a neti pot with a bit of saline to help clear and clean the sinus cavity

• Use it in a diffuser or a nebulizer (to alleviate cold & flu sympotms)

• Remove residual eye make-up
• Put it on a toothbrush to keep it clean
Drink it (½ tsp in 6-8 oz water)
(P2 Soil-based probiotics can safely make it's way through your bile system) 


P2 Mouthwash Rinse and all of P2's Body Care products are safe for babies because they are food grade.

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