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The increase in allergies, skin issues and digestive issues in pets has resulted in multiple trips to the vet to find out why our pets have hair loss, itchy patches of skin or even uncontrollable itching when touched.


There is a direct correlation between your pet’s environment and it’s gut health. The toxins to which we are exposed affect our bodies and our pets' equally. (Learn more here)



Just like humans, pets require bacterial balance. What you use to clean surfaces, spray into the air, what you feed your pet and how your pet absorbs nutrients, all play a factor in your pet's immune health. 


We share over 6,000 types of bacteria with our dogs!

This is why it’s so important to incorporate good bacteria into your personal environment and into your pet’s wellness routine.

P2 Keeps Your Pets Happy and Healthy!

When you think about caring for your pet, we know you want the absolute best in class products for their health and well-being - just like we do.


Our P2 pet probiotic products are like no others. Each of them is specifically targeted to take care of your pet on the inside and on the outside.



We have spent years working with livestock, where we have done multiple studies to perfect our probiotic formulations for maximum effectiveness and safety.


These are some of the benefits the livestock experienced with our probiotics and that your pet can experience, too:


• Improvement of digestion
• Improvement in feed conversion and absorption of nutrients
• Improvement of overall health and gut function
• Improvement of dental health 
• Improvement of overall hygiene
• Elimination of odor from excrement and from the animals
• Reduction in costly vet bills
• Elimination of antibiotic use


Our probiotic products can be safely used on any kind of animal, even puppies, kittens and chicks.


Our ingredients are simple. We use only certified organic, Non-GMO, AAFCO approved, food grade ingredients, such as: soil-based probiotics, organic spearmint, organic vanilla, organic glycerin and biodegradable organic detergents and enzymes. 

Three P2 Probiotic pet products are essential for your pet’s wellness routine...

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