About Us

OUR MISSION is to make people, pets and the planet healthier, cleaner and safer by using nature (probiotics) to create bacterial balance.   

OUR GOAL is to create a paradigm shift in the definition of what clean really means by helping people take control of their bacterial environment. 

OUR FUTURE is bright!  We have spent years on product development and testing to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of our products. Our company's mission comes from a place of caring: shifting the perception of clean and providing our valued customers with top-quality products. We are the gold standard in probiotic products for your personal environment!







 "I want our customers to be confident in the fact that    they are using the highest quality, safest kid and pet-      friendly products on the market today – products that  assure protection of surfaces, barriers to harmful  bacteria and healthier lifestyles."


 Heather Holmes, President & CEO                                                   Eco Balanced Technologies, Inc. and P2 Probiotic Power Products




The P2 Story

If you’ve ever had bronchitis or a sinus infection, you know how miserable they are. Imagine having a combination of both for twenty years. That was me, on an endless cycle of antibiotics, which eventually did not work because my body had become resistant to them.  

With the use of so many antibiotics, I got yeast infections. To counter the yeast, I ate yogurt with probiotics and took acidophilus supplements, and they worked. I tried essential oils as a natural way to address my sinus issues, and although these natural remedies provided some relief, I was still suffering.

I worked in medical devices and with hospitals for 18 years, and for seven of those years, I worked with Infection Control Practitioners and Microbiologists concerning sterilization methods. Not once did anyone ever talk about good bacteria, only bad. I knew that killing bacteria had consequences, but I just didn’t realize how detrimental those consequences could be.

Because the yogurt and acidophilus helped my yeast and urinary tract infections, I started thinking about how good bacteria and bad bacteria interact. I knew I didn’t want to use antibiotics anymore, so I wondered how I could get help naturally for my sinus infections. This was 2008, so you can imagine that there was not a lot of information available.

I spent the next two years on bacterial research. One of the most important things I learned is that the most harmful bacteria live in biofilms - superbug bacteria like MRSA, E.Coli, Staph and Salmonella. This biofilm is inside us and all around us.  It will attach to pretty much anything, and it sits at the microscopic level, so it’s not visible. Biofilm is like a thousand sheets of plastic wrap, impenetrable and virtually impossible to eradicate. The easiest way to identify it is the plaque on your teeth, or an itchy, burning patch of psoriasis or eczema. Your sticky countertop or discolored tile and grout have biofilm, too.

My sinus infections were caused by biofilm! This was my ah-ha moment – I had to find a way to eliminate the biofilm in my nasal cavity.

My research had shown me that there was some promise with soil-based probiotics in eliminating biofilm. Developing soil based probiotic combinations to eradicate biofilm that could be used in products became my passion. 

Seeing successful results in livestock over a several year period, I started to use the probiotics up my nose and in my ears. With the biofilm removed, my immune system recognized a change, and I no longer had sinus infections (haven’t had one in 12 years)! 

Today, our full line of P2 Probiotic products have helped people remove biofilm from head to toe and all around. Every one of these P2 products incorporates different proprietary combinations of soil-based probiotics:

Probiotic Mouthwash    Probiotic Allergy/Asthma/Sinus Spray    Probiotic Skin Spray   

Probiotic Pet Shampoo    Probiotic Pet Water Additive    Probiotic Face, Hand & Body Wash

Probiotic All-in-1 Surface Cleaner    Probiotic Pet Odor & Itch Spray  Probiotic  

Probiotic Washer Additive

I truly care about each and every one of our customers. Our P2 community is built on love for people, pets and our planet. Won’t you please come join us?


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