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Our P2 Body Care Products Have Amazing Benefits

Our natural body care products should be an integral part of your body care regime. Our superior probiotic technology provides a level of protection that cannot be found with other body care products because P2 probiotics go to the microscopic level of the skin to address the source of skin and mouth issues.

ALL P2 Body Care Products are pH Neutral, so they will not disrupt your skin’s balance.

We never use alcohol, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, harmful detergents, phthalates, parabens or chemicals of any kind.

Three P2 Probiotic Body Care Products Provide SO MANY BENEFITS for Your Skin and Teeth! 

• Protecting skin allowing more rapid healing without scarring
• Taking the itch out of bug bites and rashes by reducing inflammation from scratching
• Forming a barrier of protection on abrasions


• Helping psoriasis and eczema sufferers         
• Controlling odor at the source
• Assistance in creating a barrier against germs and disease

• Helping to protect skin against transmission of disease
• Cleaning microscopically to eliminate the source of skin problems
• Helping to guard against the creation and adherence of resistant bacteria on the skin
• Helping to maintain bacterial balance on your skin
• Helping to protect skin longer than ALL other sprays,lotions and cleansers

Every P2 Body Care Product plays a part in helping to fortify your immune system!

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