Allergy Asthma & Sinus Description

Suffer No More! Let Our P2 Probiotics Rescue You!


Dust mites, climate change, mold, mildew and fungus, are just a few things that can set off an allergic reaction or cause sinus and asthma issues.


Environmental toxins are a major contributor to sinus, asthma and allergy issues. Free floating bad bacteria (mycotoxins) can cause breathing issues and infection - especially passed from one person to another.


Your Immune System Has Memory


If you get a cold that turns into bronchitis, which then turns into a sinus infection, your body remembers this cycle and will keep repeating the cycle.


The Answer is to Break the Cycle


Antibiotics, nasal sprays, pills or inhalers cannot break the cycle.

Probiotics (good bacteria) can because they put up a natural barrier against entry of bad bacteria and viruses that weaken your immune system. They help reset your immune system’s memory and fortify the good bacteria you already have in and around you.


Biofilm is The Real Enemy!


Your sinus cavity harbors biofilm, which is responsible for indoor allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis (sinus disease), pneumonia and rhinitis. It is also responsible for 90% of all sinus surgeries. When biofilm is eliminated, the good bacteria are able to keep you healthy because they keep biofilm from recolonizing in your nasal cavity. Click here to learn more about biofilm.


Dust Mite Allergens are the 2nd Leading Cause of All Allergies


It is not the actual dust mite that causes an allergic reaction it is their excrement. You cannot get rid of dust mites with protective covers or steam cleaning.




P2 Allergy Asthma & Sinus Spray  is a must for Almost Everything!

P2 Breathe Spray puts up a natural barrier of good, healthy probiotics to assist your immune system in fighting unwanted germy invaders.



Our P2 Breathe Spray is a natural solution for asthma, sinus and allergy issues that truly provides the relief you need. Our P2 Breathe Spray can be safely sprayed directly into eyes, nose, mouth and ears for optimal protection and relief.

Our P2 probiotics control moisture which, according to the American Lung Association, is key to avoiding allergy/asthma and sinus issues. Click here to read their article in our 'Resources' section.


Our P2 spray is non-allergenic, non-irritating & chemical and alcohol free, so it's a perfect travel companion.

P2 probiotics eliminate free floating bacterial and viral allergens, so spray it into the air and breathe again!


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