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P2 Cleaners Create The Ultimate Clean in Any Environment


What you use to clean your home is one of the most important decisions and investments you will ever make in your health, the health of your family and your pets.


The P2 Definition of Clean


We define clean as the complete removal of biofilm. Biofilm is making your current cleaning practices ineffective and is contributing to the proliferation of superbugs, like E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and MRSA.



The only way to ensure that something is truly clean is to make sure the surface is free of biofilm and protected with probiotics.


Why P2 Probiotic Cleaners Are Superior to Every Other Cleaner


Biofilm is everywhere, and only our P2 proprietary blend of soil-based probiotics can eliminate biofilm where it forms - at the microscopic level - and keep it from returning.


P2 Probiotics bioengineer surfaces by creating their own biosurfactants. This means a clean beyond what you are able to experience with any other cleaner. 


You take control of your bacterial environment the minute you apply P2 probiotic cleaner to a surface



P2 probiotics provide the ULTIMATE CLEAN AND the ULTIMATE PROTECTION of every surface in your home, and P2 probiotic cleaners do it without killing any bacteria, which means no resistant bad bacteria.


No other products under your kitchen sink can compete with the P2 probiotics - not bleach, not disinfectants, not antibacetrials and definitely not your natural, green all-purpose cleaners - because none of these can remove biofilm.


Only with our proprietary combination of natural cleaning agents like detergents, enzymes and probiotics is biofilm eliminated.



OH... did we happen to mention that our probiotic protection lasts for almost a week?!




Natural Cleaners, Bleach, Disinfectant and Antibacterials don't measure up to P2 Probiotic Power's cleaning capabilities!


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