Frequently Asked Questions


We don't have all of the answers, but we are hoping we have provided you with answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

Q: Why don't you reveal your probiotic strains?

A: Live/naturally occurring organisms cannot be patented. If we reveal our probiotic formulations, we would be at risk of someone trying to produce inferior products that do not have our superior level of efficacy. Therefore, we maintain our blends under US Trade Secrets. We assure you we only use selected efficacious EPA & FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), non-GMO spore-based probiotics that we deem safe and have been tested for years in a large variety of applications. A full list of the probiotics that could be used in our products can be found here.

Q: Why haven't I heard of biofilm before?

A: Biofilm has been studied by scientist for years. Unfortunately, unless you read science journals on a regular basis, you probably would not know about it. We have been educating consumers on biofilm for several years, and it has helped to create some awareness. But, there needs to be more education since up to 80% of all infections are caused by biofilm - this includes superbugs, like MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella and Staph. The mycotoxins, cleaning chemicals and the bad air that barrage our bodies on a daily basis at home, at the office or in schools and daycares, all contain biofilm.  Common infections like eczema, psoriasis, Lyme, Fibromialgia, sinus, pneumonia, catheter and asthma are all related to biofilm issues. Our P2 probiotic products play a key role in not only eliminating biofilm but also protecting against its return. This is why P2 probiotics are paramount in creating safe, healthy, clean environments. To learn more about biofilm, click here.

Q: Why do I have to mix up a new batch of cleaner every week?

A: Probiotics are live organisms and only live for a short period of time. The great part is that our cleaners are extremely economical - an 8 oz bottle makes 6 gallons or 48 weeks worth of product. We recommend picking a day of the week to start with our cleaner, like Monday, and mixing up your cleaner on the same day every week. To take full advantage of your cleaner, use it to clean things that regularly get neglected, like your fruits, vegetables and meats, your car, your trash can, your water bottles, rattles, soccer balls, yoga mats or your remote control.

Q: Can I use the P2 cleaner on my fruits and vegetables?

A: Yes, you can safely clean your fruits, vegetables, meats, the cutting board and the knife you use with our P2 I Clean Everything All-in-1 Cleaning Concentrate. LIke all P2 products, it is food grade. We even recommend cleaning your pots and pans with our cleaner instead of your dishwashing soap. Only a couple of pumps is necessary. It will cut through thick grease, to with a couple extra squirts. You will be able to see and feel the difference!

Q: Are your products safe for babies?

A: Yes. All P2 products are food grade, non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable, all natural, USA Made and non-GMO. There are no safer products for your family.

Q: Can I Use the skin spray as a deodorant?

A: Yes! It's our customers that brought this application to our attention. Since probiotics go to the source (the microscopic level) of odor, they can help keep you fresh all day!

Q: What scents/odorants are in your products?

A: The only scents that are in our P2 products are organic spearmint and/or organic vanilla. All of our ingredients are actually organic certified.

Q: Is there any difference between your allergy, skin and pet spray?

A: Yes, all of our P2 products have different probiotic blends and amounts of probiotics. The sprays are very similar, but we have altered them each slightly.

Q: Do I still have to use laundry detergent with the P2 i Clean Washers & Clothes Together Top and Front Loading Additive?

A: Our P2 washing machine additive does clean your clothes while it cleans your washer, so you can use it as your main detergent. It is beneficial for keeping the mold and odors at bay, especially for front loading washers, too. The most cost effective way to use our probiotic washer additive is to put it in the fabric softener dispenser and wash on the warm water cycle. Then dry clothes on low. We do recommend, however, for heavily soiled clothes that you put the additive into the main detergent slot of your washer in addition to the fabric softener dispenser slot.

Q: How do I know the products really work?

A: How do you know any products really work? Look at our healthy practitioners who thoroughly test our products, but most of all, listen to the praises of our customers. Our formulations have been rigorously tested for efficacy in livestock over the last twelve years. Cleaning barns with the surface cleaner, adding the pet water additive to the drinking lines, spraying the air, animals and hatching eggs with the our probiotics and cleaning teats and hooves, we have proven that our products work. We do go one step further, too, by measuring clean with the ATP Meter, which shows our cleaner is superior to all others. Because all of our products address biofilm, the cleaner is proof our probiotics remove it and keep it from returning. Learn more here.

Q: Do your products contain sodium laurel sulfate, triclosan or any other ingredients of concern?

A: The only ingredients we ever put in our P2 products are: FDA & EPA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) spore-based probiotics, bio-surfactants (tiny naturally occurring microorganisms), natural/organic coconut detergent (DISODIUM LAURETH SULFOSUCCINATE), organic glycerin, organic spearmint, organic vanilla or natural enzymes.

Q: Why do you only have millions instead of billions of probiotics in your products?

A: Soil based probiotics are much stronger than the plant based probiotics you find in supplements and yogurts. Through years of testing, we have determined how many probiotics are needed to address the surfaces you touch, the air you breathe, your skin, your mouth and your pets. The other important thing is that you never want to put more probiotics into an environment than you need because it would cause bacterial imbalance. Your digestive track needs billions because the bile kills off so many of them. The correct ratio is 10 good bacteria to every one bad bacteria for environmental balance. Learn about your microbiome.

Q: What specifics do I need to know about your products to make sure the products work properly?  

A: Always shake your P2 products to wake up our probiotics - they like to sit at the bottom of the bottles and spray cans, and it is important to disperse them evenly throughout your product. Once you mix up your cleaning solutions, you always need to shake your squirt bottle before you use them. Always store your P2 products away from light and definitely away from sunlight to ensure the efficacy of the probiotics. They die at 32 degrees and above 120 degrees. 

Q: Will P2 products help biting mite disease? 

A: We know that this disease is difficult, so we are very sorry if you are experiencing it. We do have several customers who have found relief from using our products. We recommend our P2 I Clean Everything All-in-1 Cleaning Concentrate to keep your environment clean. Once you apply the cleaner it will keep working for three days. Every day we recommend spraying our P2 I Help You Breathe Allergy, Asthma and Sinus Spray into the air and all over furniture, bedding, curtains and couches and all over your clothes. This spray can be safely sprayed into your ears, eyes and face.  Our P2 I Clean Every Inch Face, Hand & Body Wash will keep your skin clean and protected. We recommend putting the body wash into all of the dispensers in your house. Throughout the day, our P2 I Soothe & Protect Your Skin Spray can be safely sprayed all over your skin to give you relief. If your pet is experiencing biting mites, as well, our P2 pet products will provide relief if all are used in conjunction with each other. 

Q: Do your products help Lyme Disease?

A: Yes, we have several customers who have found our P2 products to be an integral part of their lives now. Lyme disease is related to biofilm, and biofilm is what our products eliminate and keep from returning. Therefore, all of our products used in conjunction with each other provide tremendous benefit to those who have Lyme disease. Nearly 70% of our customers, inclusive of those with Lyme Disease, drink 1/2 tsp of P2 I Clean Your Teeth Mouthwash in six ounces of water daily because the spore probiotics make it through the bile system and even help with Leaky Gut. P2 mouthwash is food-grade and safe, and it does help to remove biofilm internally and externally. 

Keep in mind that having a clean, bacterially balanced environment is very important in helping the body fight off germy invaders, so all P2 products, especially used in conjunction with each other, are helpful to anyone with or without an autoimmune disease. 

Q: Do your products work on acne? If so, do they work as well as Proactive, Clearasil and other acne products?

A: Acne is bacterial related, and these bacteria form biofilm on the skin. P2 body care products clean to the microscopic level, so they reach a level that traditional acne products cannot to truly clean and protect your skin. There is a three step regimen we recommend for best results:

1) Cleanse your face with P2 I Clean Every Inch Face, Hand & Body Wash. 

2) While skin is damp, put P2 I Clean Your Teeth Mouthwash on a cotton ball, and press into your problem areas.

3) Finish with  P2 I Soothe & Protect Your Skin Spray . If you use makeup or lotions, use this spray last.

Please understand that patience is key. If you have had an acne problem for a long time, you will need to give the probiotics time to remove the biofilm. Additionally, your skin could appear worse during this period because the probiotics are cleaning your skin to the microscopic level and getting rid of the "junk" that is causing your acne. 

***This three step approach is also effective for eczema and psoriasis.