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P2 - Soil-Based Probiotic Power Cleaners

Changing Your Perception of Clean

No matter what products you are using at this very moment, NONE of them is getting to the microscopic level where you really need to clean -  whether they’re products for your home surfaces, your skin, your teeth or the air you breathe.  And, NONE of the products you are using are helping you to control your bacterial environment in a way that actually helps to make your immune system healthier and stronger. 

Imagine using products that actually work in tandem with each other to create a Biodome of Health in your home.  Imagine being able to not worry about what germs are around you because YOU are in control of your bacterial environment.

The time has come for you to throw out everything you learned about clean and open your mind to a new way of thinking…

What Makes P2 Probiotic Products Superior to All Others?

We make probiotic products that are designed to do one very specific thing no matter where you apply them, and that is to remove biofilm and prevent it from returning.

Biofilm is the single biggest impediment to creating a clean, safe, healthy, protected personal environment, so eradicating it and stopping it from returning is crucial for your immune health - especially in this COVID environment.

P2 Product Ingredients Are Simple


P2 products are very economical. They incorporate EPA Safer Choice, food grade, pH neutral, all natural and organic transparent ingredients:

- Soil-based FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) probiotics - in every P2 Probiotic product
- Organic coconut surfactant (the safe kind) - only in the surface cleaner, washer additive, body wash and the pet shampoo
- Organic vanilla, organic spearmint - one or both in every P2 Probiotic product
- Organic glycerin - only in the body wash and the pet shampoo
- Biosurfactants (naturally occurring microorganisms) - created by the probiotics - in every P2 Probiotic product
- Enzymes - created by the probiotics - in every P2 Probiotic product

P2 Probiotic Power is the gold standard in consumer health products!

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