Pet Odor & Itch Description


Our pets are exposed to toxins just like we are.  As a result, numerous skin issues and infections are on the rise. This leads to expensive trips to the vet and purchase of expensive products to try to help our beloved animals - with no resolution of the issue.


P2 Pet Spray provides relief for pets with allergies, sensitive skin, hot spots, rashes or abrasions. Use P2 Pet Spray to keep your pet’s skin coated with probiotic protection in between washings.


P2 Pet Spray is a must for keeping your pet's bed, crate, blanket, cage or litter box odor free.


P2 Pet Spray is so safe and gentle that you can spray it in your pet's face, eyes and ears for optimal health.



Since the probiotics control moisture, eye goops disappear. If you have a dog that likes to swim, this spray will be your best friend. P2 probiotics will control the odor and if sprayed in the ears, will control moisture to help avoid ear irritation or possibly infection.  

P2 pet spray even helps to remove Skunk Odor!



When our probiotics are sprayed and misted over animals in livestock, they breath better, stay cleaner and don't need antibiotics. When sprayed on teats, versus using iodine, the teats stayed supple and did not crack.



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