Biofilm Is Your Enemy

What is Biofilm?

The best and easiest way to understand what biofilm is, is to watch this 3+ minute video from the Science Channel...

...spoiler alert: Biofilm is yucky, slimy and very unhealthy

Serious Facts About Biofilm


• According to the NIH (National Institute of Health) & the CDC (Center for Disease Control), “90% of all bacteria living in biofilm shelters cannot be cleaned away with disinfectants.”
This means that the CDC’s COVID disinfecting and cleaning guidelines recommend products that CANNOT ELIMINATE BIOFILM!!!


Biofilm causes 90% of sinus issues that result in surgery according to the NIH.


80% of ALL disease and infection is caused by biofilm, such as: pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, endocarditis, catheter infections, sinus infections, bronchitis, orthopedic infections, Lyme Disease, eczema, psoriasis and many other illnesses.


We have turned our bacterial world into a weapon that is being used against us.
We must correct it before it is too late!



Cleaners that kill bacteria create biofilm. Water creates biofilm. Essential Oils create biofilm. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, citrus and alcohol create biofilm. Colloidal Silver and Tea Tree Oil create biofilm.


ANYTHING that kills bacteria, wipes out the good bacteria we need...
...and allows the bad bacteria to form biofilm.



Biofilm is Dangerous!


Bacteria build a biofilm shelter and use that shelter to turn bad bacteria into superbugs.

With this biofilm shelter in place - on your counter, on your skin, in your mouth, in the air - the bad bacteria assist mold, fungus and viruses in becoming virulent attackers and infectious invaders on our bodies.


Bacteria ALWAYS have the first and the last word!



With food and shelter from the biofilm, EColi multiplies at such a rapid rate that in 24 hours you could stack it to the sun and back one hundred, zillion, billion times! Think about the Chipotle EColi outbreak and how rapidly that spread, or the romaine lettuce recall for the same reason.




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