Pet Water Additive Description


P2 Pet Water Additive is an essential product for helping to keep your pet’s digestive and immune system in balance.


Incredibly, P2 Pet Water Additive helps to remove plaque and keep it from returning. P2 pet water additive even reduces the odor from your pet’s excrement and your pet's coat. Flies don’t even like to come around!



This probiotic additive is different from others. It contains soil-probiotics that make it through your pet's bile system and helps your pet absorb food nutrients better (can be added to food, as well).


P2 Water Additive is essential for fortifying your pet's immune system and for helping to create balance in the gut. 


P2 probiotics make cows' milk 100% healthier, and they have four stomachs!


Image of P2's Pet Water Additive for pet water bowl & food bowl

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