Washer Cleaner Additive Description

P2 i Clean Washers & Clothes Together Additive


If you have a front loading washer, you may have experienced the stinky ring syndrome. Oxy Clean won't even get rid of that smell, but our additive can. Even top loaders get stinky, and our additive can help you, too.


Biofilm will form in your washer, just as it does on surfaces, skin, air and teeth. When there are odors, mold or mildew in your washer, biofilm is present. Only P2 probiotics can eliminate the biofilm shelter and put up a barrier of good baceria to keep it from returning. 


What about stinky gym or athletic clothes, smoke-filled clothes or those clothes you washed and forgot about for a day or two. Yep, our additive takes the odor out of those, too! The best part is that each time you use this additive, your washer will become cleaner because the probiotics are cleaning for you.


P2 Washer Additive is meant to be used as an adjunct to your laundry detergent. It can be used without detergent to provide superior cleaning of your clothes, but it is more economical to use as an additive in your fabric softener dispenser


The importance of adding probiotics to your washer and your clothes is paramount now in this COVID environment. If you wash on low and dry your clothes on low, P2 probiotics will stay in your clothes for days. 

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