Surface Cleaner Description

P2 All-In-One Cleaner Concentrate 


We know you are busy, so let our advanced probiotic surfacecleaner do the work for you. This cleaner safely cleans EVERYTHING - rattles, toys, car seats, hubcaps, dashboards, remote controls, fruits, vegetables, meats, coffee pots, coffee cups, granite, wood, tile, concrete, laminate, stainless steel, EVERYTHING! It even cleans difficult to remove dry erase crayons and markers from a white board! It is also effective on moldy shower curtains, discolored and dirty grout and even black mold.


So Economical, each bottle of P2 Probiotic Surface Cleaner makes 9 gallons of useable cleaning solution! And, no gloves needed - P2 is good for skin!


If you are sensitive to chemical smells or have allergies, P2 Probiotic Surface Cleaner, once sprayed has NO SMELL. For those who need smell to think something is clean, what you will experience with this cleaner will be mind blowing. Things will be SO CLEAN without any smell, and you will just know it instantly - changing your perception of clean.




P2 Surface Cleaner replaces all of these household cleaners:



P2 Surface Cleaner is truly an all-in-one household cleaner that will keep you healthy, safe, and microscopically clean!


To learn more about the cleaning action of P2 probiotics, click here.  To learn more about why P2 Surface Cleaner is superior to all other cleaning methods, click here.


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