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Why Probiotics?


Probiotics Provide Balance Both Internally and Externally

Probiotic means “for health. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines probiotics as “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.” 

Probiotics compete for space with bad bacteria to keep them from thriving.

The most harmful bacteria thrive in microscopic communities on every surface around you. 

Probiotics play a key role in protecting your home environment by forming a defensive barrier against disease-causing invaders, making everything safer, cleaner and healthier. 

Maintaining Bacterial Balance is Key to Staying Healthy

Probiotics (good bacteria) provide an army of guards that keep bad bacteria in check.

When there are not enough good bacteria in an environment, bad bacteria can wreak havoc - they form biofilms and turn into superbugs, like E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and MRSA. This can effect you both internally and externally.

When probiotic bacteria are in balance in any environment, they perform the following functions: 

  • Crowd out harmful bacteria 
  • Produce enzymes to inhibit bad bacteria 
  • Create an unfavorable environment for bad bacteria

A Healthy Ratio of Probiotics is Key

Probiotic bacteria should always outnumber the bad bacteria 10:1 to maintain the proper balance in nature.


The balance of good and bad bacteria in any enviroment is called a microbiome. When antibacterial products and disinfectants are used, the microbiome is disrupted, putting you, your family and your pets at risk for harmful germs and viruses.

Since antibacterials and disinfectants (even vinegar and hydrogen peroxide) kill good and bad bacteria, the probiotic (good) bacteria get outnumbered. Without adding probiotics back into your environment, whether it be in your body or on your skin or on a counter, the microbiome is completely imbalanced. 

The Difference Between Internal and External Probiotics

Plant Based (For Internal Use)

Plant based probiotics are commonly found in yogurt, dog foods and digestive supplements. They have been found to assist in maintaining healthy digestive systems and are often prescribed with antibiotics to add good bacteria back into the body to enable the antibiotics to work more efficiently. Plant based probiotics are fragile, however, and require sugar to stay alive, so they are not ideal for cleaning. In liquid form, these probiotics require refrigeration. For internal use, probiotics need to be administered in the billions in order to survive through the bile system.

Soil Based (For External Use)

The probiotics used in P2 products are hearty, naturally enzymatic and can be stored at room temperature. They can survive in the harshest of conditions against the most formidable opponents (superbugs) and remain effective in the presence of many antibacterial agents. 

All P2 products contain combinations of non-GMO, highly proprietary (protected under US "Trade Secrets") strains of FDA & EPA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) probiotics that are the most effective for cleaning and protecting at a microscopic level for several days - this includes your skin, your mouth, everything in your home and your pets.

P2 products only need millions of probiotics, not billions, to keep you healthy!

Our proprietary blend of strains have been combined to specifically target biofilm - to eliminate it and to keep it from forming. Because of our trade secrets, we have provided a list of the probiotics we may use in our formulations. we-use-only-epa-fda-gras-probiotic.jpg

Our products provide a truly safe, healthy, protective clean. Browse our shop or click the the following links to find Probotics for Allergies, Pets Probiotics, Natural Body Cleaning Probiotics or Probiotic Cleaning Products.