What Is the Biggest Consequence of Bacterial Imbalance?

The biggest consequence of killing bacteria is the formation of a microscopic glue-like impervious shelter called biofilm. Biofilm turns the bacteria, mold, fungus and viruses that normally help us stay healthy into virulent germy attackers. This leaves us vulnerable to infection and disease.

NO cleaning products - either chemical or natural - can eliminate this biofilm shelter…until now.

How Can You Achieve Bacterial Balance in Your Personal Environment?

A new approach is crucial - one that does NOT kill bacteria. The most efficacious and natural  approach is to use nature to replenish and repopulate the correct amount of good, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) needed to create bacterial balance.  


P2 Probiotics play one of the most important roles in the health of people, pets and our planet by providing products that remove biofilm, prevent its return and that keep you safe, clean and protected.

P2's Soil-Based Probiotic Power is the best way to clean!

Replenish Probiotics Where You Most Need Them

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