Pet Odor & Itch Spray-2oz

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Don't travel anywhere without this P2 Pet Spray! P2 probiotics are specifically formulated to eliminate the biofilm that harbors germs and viruses on your pet's skin. Biofilm can also get into your pet's ear canal and up into the nasal cavity, causing kennel cough, bronchitis or other respiratory issues.


Our P2 probiotic pet spray will safely remove those odors better left outside, like wet dog smell and even skunk odor!


- Keeps your pet's skin clean in between washings


- Provides relief for pets who are prone to allergies, skin irritations and hot spots


- Great to spray on incisions of puppies/kittens who just got neutered/spayed to keep out germy invaders and to provide relief to keep them itching and hurting


Safe for skin and inhalation.  No Chemicals. No Dyes.  Non Flammable. Biodegradable.  Non-allergenic. No SLS.


AAFCO APPROVED INGREDIENTS:  A Proprietary Blend of FDA GRAS Spore Probiotics, Water, Organic Vanilla, Organic Spearmint.

P2 Pet Spray is natural and gentle enough to spray directly into your pet's ears, face and nose.  

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