Pet Water & Food Additive-12oz

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Millions of our P2 probiotics go to the microscopic level of your pet's teeth to help eliminate the source of their plaque and keep it from returning. Our additive helps to improve your pet's digestion and keeps their immune system strong.  You might even notice that the odor from their excrement is reduced too! Years of use with livestock has proven that this product is an important part of maintaining a healthy pet.

AAFCO Approved Ingredients:  A proprietary Blend of FDA GRAS Spore Probiotics, Enzymes, Water, Organic Spearmint. Food Grade.

Safe for skin and children.  No Chemicals. No Dyes.  Biodegradable. NO Alcohol or Additives. No SLS.

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    probiotic power

    Posted by SHARNELLE SEETO on 17th Dec 2023

    This is amazing as well. Iput this into my dogs water as well as my cats water too. One of my cats had a bacterial infection and I also used the spray on her and it has become clear in her mouth area so I'm very happy. I didn't want her to use steriods. Having that said to me sent shivers up my spine. Thank you.

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    i use this product

    Posted by Kathy H on 16th Jul 2023

    I have used this product in my morning water and when I use my Neti pot, just love it!!

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    For pets

    Posted by Diana L Rose on 6th Jul 2023

    This is definitely saved my two dogs from having any more dental work. I have A little dog that is old and not may teeth left. Since we have started to use this a few teeth, she has have not decayed any farther

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    Pet Water & Food Additive

    Posted by Terri on 28th Jun 2023

    All of our dogs, chickens, horse & donkeys are given this product. Also use the pet shampoo and highly recommend it. The products for humans are wonderful! The soap does not leave a residue and my skin can breathe and feels very clean after use. I highly recommend all products.

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    This is the best pet formula I’ve ever found. My dogs love it and I feel good about the health of their body with this product.

    Posted by Valerie Jolie on 5th Jun 2023

    I’ve used other pet products for my dogs and they refused to drink the water. My dogs love this product.

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    if it's safe for my dog, it's safe for me

    Posted by K Harmon on 16th Jan 2023

    I have chosen to experiment with me, I have now used this product in my own mouth for over a year and have great results!! Most of the commercial products actually kill the biome in the mouth which sets us up for damage, this is a great resource to restore the healthier environment. I also drink it several times a week with only great results!!! Thank you Heather!!

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    Pet Water and Food Additive

    Posted by Karen on 13th Dec 2022

    This is a great product especially for older or dogs that resist teeth brushing. I have both. Ive I've noticed a vast improvement in reduction of plaque and tartar. It doesn't replace brushing, but helps. I've also noticed that bowel movements are better. I'm thinking the probiotics are helping their digestion as well. Thi

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    Probiotic power for pets

    Posted by Diana L Rose on 2nd Dec 2022

    I love what I am seeing in my dogs teeth. The probiotic in their drinking water has kept them from yellowing I have a old little dog also and she Dante have many teeth anymore but the few she has has stayed healthy since we have started using p2probiotic power

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    Probiotic Power Pet Water and Food additive

    Posted by Terry Ruiz on 26th Aug 2022

    ran across this and decided to try it for my dogs. was using another brand that actually cause my dogs to vomit and one experienced seize so tried this and my dogs have done very well on it. their teeth are not as yellow and have as much plaque. Another thing is 2 of my dogs had been coughing a LOT and vets didn't know what was wrong even after xraying the heart and lungs. prescribed medicine but didnt help but noticed after they were on this product for about 3 days the coughing subsided and then altogether quit. So will continue buying this product especially because it helped my dogs when the vets couldn't