H2O Digestive Additive Pouch w/15 Individual Packets

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P2 Probiotic Power has been a leading pioneer in spore probiotic technology for 14 years.

Our new Probiotic Digestive H2O additive is the absolute best way to get live probiotics into your colon.

P2 Probitotic's Digestive Additive helps to balance your gut biome, thereby fortifying your immune system.

Our spore probiotic technology is superior to plant-based gut probiotic supplements because our probiotics are not fragile like plant-based probiotics. P2 Probiotics are warriors that truly make it to the colon where you need them most.


P2 Probiotic Digestive H2O Additive (15 packets) - 30 Day Supply

Ingredients - water, EPA & FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) probiotics, naturally occurring enzymes, organic spearmint