H2O Digestive Additive Pouch w/15 Individual Packets

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H2O Digestive Additive Pouch w/15 Individual Packets

P2 Probitotic's Digestive Additive helps to balance your gut biome, thereby fortifying your immune system. The Probiotic Digestive H2O additive is the absolute best way to get live probiotics into your body. Unlike Kefir, Kombucha, Probiotic pills and food with probiotics, the P2 Digestive H2O Additive has spore-based probiotics than can make it down to your colon.

P2 Probiotic Power has been a leading pioneer in spore-based probiotic technology for 14 years.

Our spore probiotic technology is superior to plant-based gut probiotic supplements because our probiotics are not fragile like plant-based probiotics. P2's Probiotics are warriors that truly make it to the colon where you need them most.

Studies show spore probiotics are beneficial for conditions such as Lyme Disease, IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut & Crohn's Disease.

The spore probiotics in P2 Digestive H2O Additive do the following amazing things:

  • Act like a natural antibiotic when needed
  • Help to fight viruses
  • Help genes function better
  • Assist in fortifying your immune system
  • Help to remove and prevent biofilm
  • Help to balance your microbiome
  • Promote bacterial balance in the gut
  • Aid digestion
  • Help to ease an upset stomach

Each P2 Probiotic Digestive H2O Additive Pouch contains 15 individual serving-size packets. - This is a 30-day supply.

Ingredients - water, EPA & FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) probiotics, naturally occurring enzymes, organic spearmint

Directions: Pour packet into 6-8 oz of water, and drink it. You will experience a light spearmint taste. You can also consume the mixture of probiotic addtive and water throughtout the day. The probiotics will stay active for three days once mixed into water.

We recommend consuming 3 packets each week (or every other day) for optimal gut balance. If you have auto-immune issues, we recommend 5x/wk usage. 

If you experience bloating, cut back to twice per week.

This product is safe enough for children. One packet each week is adequate for ages 2-10. Children from 11-16 will benefit from two to three packets per week.

DO NOT FREEZE! Storing at room temperature is recommended. Never put the Digestive H2O Additive packets or any mixed product into the regrigerator.

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    probiotic power

    Posted by SHARNELLE SEETO on 4th Nov 2023

    Feels ok I haven't really noticed much as other than a warm feeling in my body increases when I do drink it in my green smoothies. Almost like that same feeling when I drink spirulina in my smoothies. I put that down to cleaning out the gunk.