Changing Your Perception of Clean

27th Aug 2015

What do a stinky trash can, a moldy shower curtain and a rash on your skin have in common? If you guessed that the good and bad bacteria are out of whack, you are correct. Bacterial balance is key to every odor, infection or upset stomach you may experience. Bacterial balance occurs when there are ten good ( probiotic) bacteria (represented by the green pacman figures) to every one bad bacteria (represented by the funny looking red thing).


Why You Cannot Get Bacterial Balance

Because of the overuse of antibacterial products and antibiotics, the scales have tipped over to the bad guys. When you kill bacteria, you kill good and bad, and you make the bad bacteria stronger. This overabundance of bad bacteria in our environment make us sick or causes death. If you think you can outsmart bacteria, think again. They outnumber us so exponentially that the answer is not to kill them - it's to put bacteria in balance (bacterial balance is called a microbiome). How? With probiotics, of course, but we will get to that in a minute. First, you need to understand the ramifications of not having bacterial balance in your environment.

So What if I Don't Have Bacterial Balance?

No doubt you have heard about superbugs like, MRSA, E.Coli and Staph. These bacteria protect themselves with a microscopic, sticky glue-like substance, much like plastic wrap. This plastic wrap sits and the most microscopic level of surfaces, so you can't see it, but it is definitely there. It attaches to everything, and it's even on your counter right now. This plastic wrap is called biofilm, and it makes superbugs, viruses, mold, mildew and fungus, completely impervious to anything you might try to use to clean it away - not even bleach or a strong disinfectant can keep it at bay. Think about the air you breathe, your skin, your mouth, the surfaces you touch, even your pets. Every single thing just mentioned is susceptible to biofilm. This is why you and nothing around you is truly clean unless biofilm is removed and bacteria is back in balance.

       Keeping Balance with Probiotics - Beyond Digestion

Not just any probiotic (good) bacteria can eliminate biofilm. The plant based probiotics you find in yogurts and supplements can't eliminate it. Technology is the answer - proprietary combinations of soil based, warrior-like, probiotics to take on biofilm and superbugs. This is great news for you because now you have the opportunity to let nature do battle for you, to create harmonious bacterial balance around you and on you. Expand your viewpoint of what you think clean is, and change your perception by learning how probiotics can do so much more than improve your digestion. Think externally...