ATP - Measuring Clean

ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate) is a universal molecule found in all living things, including plants. An ATP meter measures the amount of pathogenic bacteria that is on a surface as it relates to biofilm. The meter gives a numerical reading - the lower the number, the cleaner the surface and the lower presence of biofilm. (Learn more about biofilm here.)

  • The USDA uses ATP levels to determine if a surface is clean enough for food preparation
  • ISSA (School Cleaning Standard Board) uses ATP for its Clean Standard
  • Blue Chip companies and hospitals use ATP for measuring the hygienic status of surfaces

This is the ATP Numerical Chart - You will notice the higher the number, the dirtier the surface:


We had an independent test conducted by TURI Labs, which is part of the University of Massachusetts. The test surface was inoculated with a standardized mixture of ingredients (grape juice, egg, mustard, and others) known to be difficult to remove and to rapidly create biofilm.  After application of the test mixture and cleaning, the surface was measured with an ATP meter to measure the cleanliness change over a 24 hour period. 

You will see that P2 was tested against Clorox Green Wipes, a disinfectant, and 409 antibacterial cleaner. P2 i Clean EVERYTHING was the only cleaner that could meet the ISSA school standards past two hours!


 According to TURI Labs, P2 probiotic cleaners clean better than ALL other cleaners and are the ones that truly provide clean surfaces!

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