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“What I'm really wanting people to know is the claim that the P2 i Clean Everything All-In-One Cleaner replaces so many really does! P2 has been great on glass and windows in addition to everything else I use it on. That means it's easier to use than other products and reduces the number of bottles I need to carry from room to room. That's been wonderful.”  

— Happy Customer, Englewood, CO
P2 Probiotic Power Products are the ONLY Natural Probiotic Products that replace harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria and keep cleaning for days - safely protecting skin, air, teeth, surfaces and pets from germs.
controversial-ingredients-we-do-not-use.jpg Our products are superior to other natural, green products because they are...  
  • Extremely economical
  • Effective at removing biofilm
  • Filled with the best probiotics for external surface protection 
  • Contain only certified organic ingredients
  • Contain only EPA & FDA approved ingredients
  • Food grade - safe for skin and ingestion     
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic & non-irritating
  • Quickly biodegradable
  • Safe for skin - no gloves needed
  • Contain no parabens, pthylates, synthetics or SLS
  • Non-GMO, vegan & gluten free                                                         
  • Safe for kids & pets
  • Paleo Certified

The only ingredients you will find in any of our P2 products are: soil-based probiotics, organic coconut surfactant (the safe kind), organic vanilla, organic spearmint, organic glycerin, biosurfactants (naturally occurring micro-organisms) or enzymes. 


Our products provide a truly safe, healthy, protective clean. Browse our shop or click the the following links to find Probotics for Allergies, Pets Probiotics, Natural Body Cleaning Probiotics or Probiotic Cleaning Products.




 USA Made & Sourced Right Down to Our Packaging