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Introducing P2, the First External Probiotic Technology that Eliminates Biofilm: Changing the Definition of Clean

P2 Probiotic Power keeps biofilm from forming and protects household surfaces, pets, baby toys, washers, clothes & more for up to 3-Days


New York, NY: P2 Probiotic Power introduces the first probiotic technology specifically targeting biofilm, to eliminate and keep it from forming and to provide a truly safe, healthy, protective clean, replacing all natural and chemical based products which have been found to be ineffective at removing biofilm.


“The definition of clean has changed over the last 50-years,” says, CEO and founder, Heather Holmes. “If it smells clean and looks clean…it’s still not clean. Many people don’t understand the dangers of biofilm and how it contributes to the proliferation of superbugs, like E. coli, Salmonella, Staph and MRSA. Probiotics play a key role in protecting your home, environment, pets, laundry and surfaces by forming a defensive barrier against disease-causing invaders.”


Commercial bleach, disinfectants, anti-bacterial products, and natural all-purpose cleaners do not remove biofilm. Worse, many "green" or "natural/chemical-free" cleaners contribute to the formation of biofilm while killing off both the probiotic (good) bacteria along with bad bacteria.

Without adding probiotics back into the environment, the bad bacteria can wreak havoc and make people and animals sick.


The probiotics used in P2 products are hearty, naturally enzymatic and can be stored at room temperature with a long shelf - life. They can survive in the harshest of conditions against the most formidable opponents (superbugs) and remain effective in the presence of many antibacterial agents.


All P2 products contain combinations of non-GMO, organic, highly proprietary (protected under US "Trade Secrets") strains of FDA & EPA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) probiotics that are the most effective for cleaning and protecting at a microscopic level for several days - this includes the skin, mouth, everything in the home and pets.


A healthy ratio of probiotics is key. Browse the P2 shop or click the following links to find Proboticsfor Allergies, Pets Probiotics, Natural Body Cleaning Probiotics and Probiotic Cleaning Products.


“Everyone can be confident in the fact that they are using the highest quality, safest kid and pet-

friendly products on the market today,” adds Holmes.  “P2 is proud to lead the external industry.”


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