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Creating Your Home Biodome with P2 Probiotics

Creating Your Home’s Biodome – A Balanced Bacterial, Viral, Fungal and Mold Environment


The P2 line of products is meant to be used as an easy system to stay healthy with safe organic ingredients. By incorporating P2 probiotics as outlined here, you help to fortify your immune system and create a probiotic barrier of protection against the 247.9 pounds of toxins that barrage our bodies annually. Such toxins include:

  • Superbug bacteria - MRSA, Salmonella, Staph, E.coli and C-difficile
  • Mycotoxins – mold that seeps through walls, proliferates in ventilation systems and is constantly floating through the air – the most deadly fungus, candida auris, that causes hospitals to rip out walls and floors because it is so virulent
  • Chemicals – used for cleaning, weed control, water control, pools, etc.

By fortifying your home with probiotics, you create a solid protection against whatever germs and viruses you bring home from work, daycare, the gym, school, the grocery store, etc. When your body is not fighting your environment, you get healthier.

If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, this P2 biodiome protocol below will benefit you just like so many of our customers that share your predicament.

If you have no issues and are looking to just stay well, this protocol is for you, too.


Balancing Your Home's Surfaces and Creating Clean Air


  1. Use I Clean Everything All-in-1 Cleaning Concentrate to establish probiotics on EVERY counter, sink, floor, tub, shower, appliance and toilet in your home. Once this P2 cleaner is applied, it keeps cleaning, protecting and balancing your environment for up to five days. ALL fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned with I Clean Everything, as well as meat and cutting boards, coffee pots, water bottles or anything that would store or be used for food or drink. Babies and pets touch the floor, so why not give them some probiotics to absorb instead of germs? Think about using P2 cleaner to wash all of your dishes instead of Dawn or some other chemical-filled detergent.
  2. Use I Help You Breathe Allergy/Asthma/Sinus Spray in between cleaning to spray into the air to eliminate contaminants that live in your home and that are brought in from outside your home. It helps to eliminate mycotoxins and allergens. Additionally, spray over couches, curtains, furniture, doorknobs, remote controls, computers, which all carry germs. Bedding should be sprayed every other day, to eliminate dust mite excrement and allergens.
  3. Use I Clean Washers & Clothes Cleaning Concentrate to not only keep your washer free of mold and mildew but to establish the probiotics in your clothes. Detergent used to clean our clothes can irritate the skin. By putting P2 probiotics into your clothes in the final rinse, the detergent residue is removed, as well as odors, dirt, stains and your clothes become lighter and fluffier, feeling amazing against your skin. Clothes carry contaminants, even after you wash them!


Creating a Balanced Microbiome on Your Skin and Teeth


  1. Use I Clean Every Inch Face, Hand & Body Wash in the shower or bath to clean where you’ve never cleaned before. Establishing a probiotic barrier on your skin, this body wash should be used on every inch of your body. You can even use it as shampoo. P2 wash should be placed at every sink in the house as a replacement to traditional soaps do not clean microscopically and provide to protection against germy invaders.
  2. Use I Soothe & Protect Your Skin Spray as an adjunct to the body wash, especially for acne, psoriasis and eczema. This skin spray is vital for protecting cuts, burns rashes, blisters and skin irritations, as the skin should begin to heal itself without interference from bacterial or viral invaders. This spray is an excellent alternative to Neosporin or any antibacterial ointment, as the P2 probiotics form a barrier that you cannot get with other products.
  3. Use I Clean Your Teeth Mouthwash, Retainer & Mouthguard Rinse every day. The mouth is the gateway to our brain and our gut. P2 mouthwash truly takes plaque off the teeth and forms a barrier of probiotics to prevent it from returning. It is the plaque that creates oral disease, and this plaque can go to our brain or gut.


Creating the Healthiest & Happiest Pets


  1. Use I Keep Teeth & Tummies Healthy to establish the probiotics in your pet’s gut to balance their digestion and fortify their immune system. This is crucial for your pet’s health, and this P2 pet water additive works in your pet’s mouth, as well, to eliminate plaque.
  2. Use I Remove Odor & Itch Spray in between shampoos and for daily wellness. By establishing probiotics on your pet’s skin and even up into its nasal passages and ears, you start creating a clean pet that is not contributing to the household what it picks up in the yard or on the street.
  3. Use I Clean Your Pet Gentle Shampoo for regular cleanings, even at the groomer. It is the gentlest shampoo for allergy prone pets, and just like we humans, our pets need the probiotics on their skin, too.