Pet Care

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      P2 Keeps Your Pets Happy and Healthy!

When you think about caring for your pet, we know you want the absolute best in class products for their health and well-being. This is where we excel!

Our pet probiotic products are like no others. Each of them is specifically targeted to take care of your pet on the inside and on the outside. We have spent years working with livestock to perfect our probiotic formulations and have achieved optimal health and wellness by:

  • Improving digestion and keeping immune systems balanced
  • Improving overall health and eliminating the use of antibiotics
  • Improving dental health by removing plaque and keeping it from returning
  • Improving overall hygiene
  • Removing odor from excrement and from the animals
  • Reducing costly trips to the vet                                                             

Our Probiotics for dogs, cats, horses, birds and other pets are non-allergenic and can be safely used on any kind of animal, even puppies, kittens and chicks.

Our ingredients are simple. We use only certified organic, Non-GMO, AAFCO approved, food grade ingredients, such as: probiotics, organic spearmint, organic vanilla, organic glycerin and biodegradable organic detergents and enzymes. 


P2 i Keep Teeth & Tummies Healthy Water Additive


P2 pet water additive is essential to keeping your pet’s digestive and immune system in balance.

Incredibly, P2 pet water additive removes plaque and keeps it from returning!

P2 pet water additive even reduces the odor from your pet’s excrement.

 P2 i Remove Itch & Odor Relief Spray


 P2 pet spray is a must for keeping your pet's, bed, crate, blanket, cage or litter box odor free.
P2 pet spray provides relief for pets with allergies, sensitive skin, hot spots, rashes or abrasions.
Use P2 pet spray to keep your pet’s skin coated with probiotic protection in between washings.

P2 i Clean Your Pets Soothing Shampoo


P2 probiotics clean away allergens and germs gently and safely.

P2 probiotics provide relief for itchy, irritated skin. 

P2 probiotics coat skin to provide relief and protection for several days.

Our products provide a truly safe, healthy, protective clean. Browse our shop or click the the following links to find Probotics for Allergies, Pets Probiotics, Natural Body Cleaning Probiotics or Probiotic Cleaning Products.