P2 Probiotic Daily Pet Water Additive Concentrate 12oz - i Keep Teeth & Tummies Healthy

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Millions of our P2 probiotics go to the microscopic level of your pet's teeth to help eliminate the source of their plaque and keep it from returning. Our additive helps to improve your pet's digestion and keeps their immune system strong.  You might even notice that the odor from their excrement is reduced too! Years of use with livestock has proven that this product is an important part of maintaining a healthy pet.

AAFCO Approved Ingredients:  A proprietary Blend of FDA GRAS Spore Probiotics, Enzymes, Water, Organic Spearmint. Food Grade.

Safe for skin and children.  No Chemicals. No Dyes.  Biodegradable. NO Alcohol or Additives. No SLS.

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    Product is good. Need to use it longer.

    Posted by Elizabeth Koskie on 19th Mar 2022

    I ordered product for washer back in November with other products. It was 3/4 gone. I have emailed 2 times and called 3 times. Owner said they would replace this product. Never did.

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    Astonishing Results!

    Posted by Rod Weston on 22nd Mar 2021

    Our Rat Terrier, Lucy, has been getting the water additive for about a month now. Normally we can't keep the plaque off her teeth and they are discolored, especially at the base. However, her teeth are now white and healthy looking! No brushing, no other care, just the water additive!! We are so impressed and pleased!

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    Teeth cleaning

    Posted by Ginny Marr on 18th Jan 2021

    When I went to my vet she asked what I was doing to keep my 8 yr old Shih Tzu's teeth so clean and I told her what I was feeding my dog and she said no, there is something else. Of course it is the ProBiotic Power Daily Water Additive. Amazing stuff! Thank you.

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    off labeled use

    Posted by tammy on 15th Dec 2019

    I use this as a wound cleaner. It has to be mixed with saline to be used as a wound cleanser @ 8cc : 2cc concentration good only for 3 days. This product has healed several deep wounds for me. I’m a RN and a couple of these wounds was my own. I had a knee replacement that had to heal from inside out. This product was my special sauce as the wound care nurse called it, that was because it wasn’t on the market yet. So if you care to use it as a wound cleanser know it doesn’t sting or burn. You just stray or apply to wound let sit a few seconds to allow it to kill germs, then dry off apply medication if you have it and cover.

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    keeps dogs’ teeth white, and lessens gassiness!

    Posted by Donna on 23rd Aug 2019

    My dogs really like the taste—up til I found this product, I used apple cider vinegar as a water additive; this product helps keep their teeth white, and I’m amazed that it lessens their grassiness also! Big Bonus!

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    Posted by Linda H Illinois on 19th Nov 2018

    As with all these products I don't do without them! Have been using them all for over a year. I put a tsp in my dogs water every morning and she has very good digestive health, at age 13. The little goes a long way. Her breath is fine too. I can tell it works! Thank you!

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    product that works

    Posted by Glenda on 3rd Feb 2018

    My beloved dog Buster seems more alert, seems to have more energy and better digestion. Love this product.

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    Really Works!

    Posted by Mo on 8th Nov 2016

    I've been looking after a 97-year-old friend's ShihTzu while she is hospitalized. Her back teeth were almost black from tartar. I have been putting Teeth & Tummies in her water, as well as moistening a cotton ball and rubbing it directly on her teeth. She doesn't mind it all, and after two weeks, there is a remarkable difference. I have been using this product for my 4-year-old dog ever since he was rescued two years ago. People remark on how white his teeth are.

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    Can't be without this!

    Posted by Carrie on 9th Sep 2016

    We have been using this product for over a year now with our 2 dogs. The 14 year old dog has gone from having terrible smelling breath to normal. Both dogs'teeth look clean and healthy. We just added a conure to the menagerie, and he accidentally got a small cut in his mouth. The first thing I reached for was "Teeth and Tummies" to rinse with and eye dropper. Quick recovery with no s/s of infection. I will never be without this great product. We use it every day in every bowl of water.